5 ways to survive Valentine’s Day (Single Edition ) En-Ita


It’s not easy for us, constantly single people, to deal with this day. It’s not that important but it seems like everything around us tells us to celebrate the 14th of February like it’s something really unique.

It’s inevitable, therefore, to feel upset ( like me ) when your significant half hasn’t arrived yet after years and years.

For this reason I’ve thought of 5 ways to spend your Valentine’s Day without feeling extremely alone.

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This is what made me stronger. (EN)


“Have you chosen your university yet?” This was one of my mum’s question right after I finished college. I’m sure she was expecting me to continue studying languages and she was dreaming of a great future for me.

It didn’t turn out the way she planned.

Shortly after, I had the opportunity to move out and I just jumped at it, without a second thought. The destination: London.

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V&A Museum of Childhood: yes, for grownups too! ( En- Ita )

EN (ITA version at the end ).


February. I can feel spring is coming (finally!) or maybe it’s just my imagination.

Not long ago I visited one of the cutest and most adorable place in London: I am referring to V&A Museum of Childhood.

Not everyone is still passionate about toys and like me just hearing the name of the museum made me think I was going to get bored. I can tell you that I was completely wrong: not boring at all, very creative as well as educational.

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Eye makeup + Naked Heat (Urban Decay) Review (EN-ITA)

EN ( ITA version at the end )


Even with the worst week, high temperature and the usual winter flu, here I am writing a new post for you. The rain is not giving a break and I guess this is the best time to write.

Let’s start this new beauty section with my first eye make-up tutorial.

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Tate Modern Museum (EN – IT )

EN ( ITA version alla fine )

At the beginning of this new year I’ve been asking myself what I could do, I wanted to do something new for me. The answer was: art. This word contains lots of different meanings, but in this case I mean the art of painting, making things, the art of sculpting and so on.

So I’ve decided to visit Tate Modern in London. It’s not too far from my house that’s why I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of it earlier.

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Introduction to my blog – Introduzione (IT-EN)


Ed eccomi qui a scrivere il primo post. Sembra sempre quello più impegnativo, ed in realtà lo è, considerando quanto siano alte le aspettative.

Ma partiamo dall’inizio: sono Richarda, venti anni, una ragazza che attualmente vive a Londra anche se desidera viaggiare per il mondo, un po’ come tutti d’altronde. Ho molti difetti, tra i quali la pigrizia, ma spero di avere altrettanti pregi.

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